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Camp Policies

Camper Handbook

Please click on the above link to read through our 2023 CIS Summer Guide. It is the parent's responsibility to become familiar with the policies in the Camp Indian Springs Handbook.


Media Release

I understand that aspects of Camp Indian Springs may be recorded by audio or visual means, and may be used to promote Camp Indian Springs in future ads, brochures, or promotions.


I hereby release and discharge the Camp Indian Springs program from any liability arising out of or in connection with making, processing, reproduction, or exhibition of videotapes or photographs promoting Camp Indian Springs. 



Parents Permission and Indemnity

We the undersigned, do hereby give our consent for him/her to attend any field trip or any other activity sponsored by Camp Indian Springs scheduled to take place during the summer of 2019. We consent to and authorize our child being transported to and from each said activity in (a) a commercial bus, (b) a Indian Springs School bus or other public conveyance, arranged for by Camp Indian Springs.


We have adequate medical and hospital insurance in case an injury is incurred by our child while being transported to and from and/or while participating in said activities. The name of our medical/hospital insurance company is included in the registration form.

In consideration of the owner/operator of the motor vehicle transporting our child to any said activities, and in further consideration of the Camp Indian Springs undertaking said activity for the benefit of the campers, including our child:


(1) We do hereby further give our consent for all emergency medical care (including surgery, if deemed necessary and recommended by at least two attendant physicians) prescribed by a duly licensed physician for our child in the event of injury during the course of any said activity, including transportation to and from said activity. This emergency medical care may be given under whatever conditions are deemed necessary, or whatever conditions may exist, so as to preserve the life, limb, or well-being of our child.


(2) We do hereby further agree to forever indemnify, exonerate, hold harmless and defend the owner/operator of the transportation vehicle, Camp Indian Springs, its employees, from any and all claims, demands, actions and causes of action, arising out of or pertaining to any bodily injury or death sustained by our child in an accident occurring during the course of said activity authorized by Camp Indian Springs, including transportation to and from said activity, and including any emergency medical and/or surgical treatment for our child.


(3) This indemnity applies, in all events, to the extent that any such injury, damage, illness, or death to our child is not covered by applicable and enforceable liability insurance available to the parents.


(4) We do assume all risks and hazards incidental to or attendant with our child’s participation in said activity, and in each phase of it. 



Medication Policy

If your child requires medication, please fill out the attached form and email to or you can give it to a staff member on your first day of camp. We want to make sure that your camper's care is our top priority!


CIS Medication Form



Other Policies



Tuition and Aftercare payments are due the Monday of the week that your child attends camp. Tuition should be paid in advance, not at the end of the week. Beginning July 22, 2022, a 10% interest charge will be issued to accounts with a remaining balance.                                    


Camp Dining

  • Lunch and Snack are included with tuition.

  • If your child does not want what is on the menu, please send an alternate lunch.

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are healthy snack days.

  • To access the lunch menu, please download the "Touch of Sage" app

    • Step 1: Download the Touch of Sage app.

    • Step 2: Click "Register" and create an account.

    • Step 3: For Location, enter "35124" and select "Indian Springs School"                                                                  


Camper T-Shirts

A camp t-shirt must be worn each day to camp. If your child arrives without a t-shirt, we will provide one that you must pay for.                                                                                         

Field Trips

All field trip expenses are already included as part of your camp tuition. Campers should not bring money to camp for any reason.                  

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